Original Song

(The real song is called "Dear Brother". And I'm going all the credit to DAgames for this song)

The Lyrics

Dear Brother (Younger Ver)

Dear Brother (Younger Ver)

Dear sister can you hear my calls My cries from outside the halls. The monsters inside me haunt my lasting dreams A curse that always bleeds

In my dying breath I repeat your name I can see your figures in this haunted game I sleep knowing you Were standing by

I remember all those times we spent The mind that I bent with my feelings I could hear you shout the words so dear Just let me out of here!

But alas, I couldn't heal your broken shards I had stolen the one thing close to your heart Now you die knowing I... Was standing by

Now I rise through holy trinity I'm whole again I've come to an end The nightmare is finally over I rest in peace (through the tears on my face I wave goodbye) Tell the world I'm free (your soul is free) Let go of my hand (I can't I won't) Let go of my cries (don't leave me here with the fear in my heart) I take to the land of the angels I finally fly (oh, what have I done I can't escape what I've become) 

(I'll never forget you) (Sister)