A ghost haunting an old pizza place and it it up to the pups and ranger and Ryder ace and Alex and Katie to solve this mystery

(they are at the lookout playing around at night)

ryder:Boy am I getting hungry.

Ranger:Me too Zack.

Zuma:Yeah I could go for a pizza.

Skye:Sure lets head for that new pizza place.

chase:Of course sounds great.

Katie:To the mystery patroler.

(cuts to them in the Scooby doo like Van)

Ranger:So Zack how about pepperoni?

Ryder:Of course Ranger.

Ace:So I want mine with meatballs and peppers.

Katie:Me too.

Ranger:It's not like how we defeted night Ryder.

ryder:He's right.

(they arrive)

chase:Welcome to kasey brown pizza.

(they go inside)

Katie:Hello anybody here?

alex:Just the chickens right marshall and rubble?

both:we're with you alex.

(ranger stops them)

Ranger:Wait kids I think Zack fells a mystery coming on.

ryder:yeah katie and I will find some place.

Ranger:Yeah and me and ace Sorensen will find some clues.

ace:yeah we will.

alex:guys ya hungry?


(they zoom to the kitchen)

chase:Hey look at this. An old newspaper.

skye:Maybe it's a clue.

rocky:this nut and bult could be a clue to.

zuma:Animmal heir?

skye:it's fake.

chase:we found some clues.

(cuts to ryder and katie in the office)

ryder:these papers could be a clue.

katie:this a clue too files.

(they leave)

(something in the destince watches them it's an annamatronic ryder)

ace:jinkies a clue blueprints.

ranger:that's freaky it has us.

(they leave the hungerry ones are in the kitchen)

alex:The Alex Porter spacial.

(they pig out)


marshall:let's get out of here!

(zoom off to the trap the monsters are caught)

police:good work kids but who are they and why do three of them look like ryder ranger and Skye?

ryder:well officer the animatronic monsters are really.

(pulls off mask)

all:old man Jenkins?!

jenkins:That's right this land this old pizza place was build on top of a land worth a lot of money and I'd have gaotten away with it too if not for you meddling kids!