Summary:Scooby and the gang brake down in front of an old pizza place and encounter the pizza ghost a ghostly pizza monster

episode:(We open up with the gang riding in the mystery machine)

(they are voiced by the people who portrayed them in the movie shaggy and Scooby are played by

Rob Paulson and Marty Grabstien)

Fred:Guys im getting a bit hungerry how about you guys?

Shaggy:Like I am.

Scooby-Doo:Re roo.

Velma:Look up there a pizza place let's try that.

Daphne:It's worth a try.

(as they are about to enter)

man:Leave this place leave this place now the pizza ghost haunts this place.


Velma:Jinkies another groovy mystery.

Shaggy:Like I had a feeling you were going to say that.

(they go inside)

velma:Jinkies look at this.

(picks up some weird looking stuff)

Fred:A clue.

(shaggy finds the kitchen)

Shaggy:scoob I found the food place.

(Scooby comes running over)

scoobydoo:Rack rime.

(they make a Scooby snack pizza with pickles baloney chips peanut butter olives black and regular sausage onions and pepperoni)

shaggy:Boy scoob this pizza is going to be amazing.

(cuts back to the gang)

fred:Look at this a note.

Daphne:Another clue.

velma:Jinkies cheesy footprints.

(they follow the trail and walk in their old walk cycle)

shaggy:Here it is the shaggy surprise.

Scooby doo:Rummy!

(the pizza ghost roars)

Shaggy:boy scoob for your tummy sure is roaring.

scooby doo:Rot re.


(they turn around and see)

both:the pizza ghost!

(it chases them fred hits it with a broom)

(it falls back)

(the man from the beginning comes with a policeman)

man:Good work kids.

Fred:thank you sir but this isn't a ghos the pizza ghost is in fact.

(pulls off mask and it is)

gang:Old man Oldmen?!

man:but why?

Velma:easy he wanted to buy all this land so that he can make way for his pizza franchise for big bucks.

oldmen:And I would have gotten away with it to if it weren't for you meddling kids.

(the cop takes him away)

(meanwhile up the road)

fred:great pizza gang.

shaggy:Yeah like the one we made is good to.

scoobydoo:Reah Scooby-Dooby-Dooooo! (Giggles)