song summaryEdit

This song is in "Animatronics and the eurge for revenge", the animatronics sings this song


  • Kasey Brown Carried her pup Lily and drops her on her in bed near the show-stage*

Lily: Ugh...

Kasey: Hush my little one.. you must be exaughsted... Sleep my little Lily... Let your dreams take wing.. one day when your big and strong, You will be a LEADER!

Lily: g-good night...

Kasey: Good night my little one. Tomorrow your training intensifies.

  • walks through her ranks of her animatronic friends*

Kasey: I've been Exiled, persecuted. Left alone with no defense.

  • News papers are shown that tells details about the "2 kid, 4 pup missing case.*

Kasey: When I think of what that brute did, I get a little TENSE

  • hops on the show-stage*

Kasey: But I dream a dream so pretty... that I don't feel so depressed. And it soothes my inner soul, and it helps me get some rest.

  • the animatronics crowd around her*

Kasey: the sound of the purple guy's dying gasps... every one that comes here squealing in my grasp... hearing their mournfull cry! Thats my lullaby!

  • sits down and circles the limited space she has on the show-stage*

Kasey: Now my past I've tried forgetting.. And my foes I could forgive. Trouble is I know it's petty..

  • slashes the wall*

Kasey: But I hate to let them live!

Ryder: So you found yourself somebody, who chase the the purple guy into a suit!

Kasey: oh the battle may be bloody, but that, kind of works for me!

  • the animatronics let out a series of animatronic screams*

Kasey: the melody of angry screams... A counter point of PAINfull yelps.

  • All the animatronics start to get excited and some join their leader on the show-stage*

Kasey: A symphony of death- OH MY! THATS MY LULLABY!

  • she jumps down and the crowd parts as she walks through them*

Kasey: our real life is gone... But our spirit's are still around!

  • licks Lily*

Kasey: to love this little lass...

  • jumps on the nearest animatronic dog*

Rosey: ow hey!

Kasey: Till' she learns to be a killer! With a lust for being

  • Throws her head back*

Kasey: BAD!

Ranger: sleep you little termite

  • Skye looks at him curiously*

Ranger: I-i mean precious little thing...

Skye: One day when your big and strong-


  • the animatronics start practicing attacking moves and tear into each other*

Kasey: The pounding of the drums of attacks... The thrill of Lily's ,mighty scream!

Ranger: the joy of vengance-

Rosey, Skye, Snowflake, Ryder: TESTIFY! Kasey: I can hear the cheering-

Ranger, Skye, Snowflake, Rosey, Ryder: Lily, what a girl!

Kasey: payback time is nearing, and then our flag will fly.. Against a blood red sky!

All the animatronics including Kasey: THATS MY LULLA-BYYYYYYY

Kasey: HAhhahhahahhahhahhahhaaaaaaaah

  • end*